Western Arkansas Ballet Guild

Susan Keyser – President
Kathy Remerscheid – Secretary/Treasurer

The Guild is a crucial part of the success of the Academy. Western Arkansas Ballet is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Tuition does not cover all of the expenses that are necessary to run the Ballet and to provide two quality performances to the community each year. As such, we rely heavily on donations and the participation of our parents and volunteers at fundraising events.

It is the purpose of the Guild, under the direction of the Board of Directors, to promote an interest in dance and to support the mission of Western Arkansas Ballet, “to create a community dedicated to the Fine Arts through quality dance education, training and performance,” both financially and through volunteer efforts.  The Guild is governed by Western Arkansas Ballet By-Laws and will have a President and Secretary/Treasurer approved by the Board of Directors. Both the Guild President and the Secretary/Treasurer serve on the Board of Directors of Western Arkansas Ballet and shall have one vote.

The Guild is the working arm of the Board of Directors. A part of your registration fee pays for your membership in the Guild. Your membership grants you the opportunity to attend meetings, give insight on new ideas and volunteer at events. The Guild has many annual fundraisers. One you see every week is our snack sales. We have a variety of drinks and snacks available at the studio for $1.00. If you are interested in helping out or would simply like more information, please contact the studio at 479-785-0152. All funds generated by the Guild, although kept in a separate account, are part of the general funds of Western Arkansas Ballet and, as such, are subject to the same controls and rules of accountability. Funds made through the Guild concessions, social events, and other activities are used for workshops, performances, dance scholarships, and other Western Arkansas Ballet programs as determined by the Guild President and approved by the Board of Directors. One of the primary goals of the Guild is to raise the funds necessary to purchase the packets for the Western Arkansas Ballet Company members to attend the Regional Dance America/Southwest Region Festival each year.