October 18-19, 25-26 and 30-31, with four shows starting at 7 p.m. and repeating every half-hour. - See more at: http://swtimes.com/news-photos/thriller-auditions#sthash.MC37Hfa5.dpuf
October 18-19, 25-26 and 30-31, with four shows starting at 7 p.m. and repeating every half-hour. - See more at: http://swtimes.com/news-photos/thriller-auditions#sthash.MC37Hfa5.dpuf
    WAB's New Website    


                                                              WAB's New Website

We have had our current website design for five years now, and while it has served us well over those years, the time has come for an update. The Board of Directors is actively looking for the best way to update the look of the website and how it functions. A new, updated website will help create a positive impression of our organization and help WAB function more efficiently.

For this project to move forward, we need your help, so "WAB's New Website" campaign is about to begin. Our fundraising goal is $8.000. That may seem like a large number, but if everyone contributes we know we can reach our goal. The image above will be put up in the lobby of the studio, ans when people donate, their name will go on the image to represent and acknowledge their contribution.

Please help us to transform the look of WAB's website. If you would like to help, you can mail your donation to Western Arkansas Ballet, P.O. Box 10071, Fort Smith, AR 72917 or donate online here. Please include that the donation is for the website.




                          WAB is now using Remind to notify parents and students about important informationsuch as class cancellations, schedule changes, and closures due to inclement weather. Remind is a service that lets us send one-way messages via text messages, push notifications (if you download the Remind app) or email to everyone in class. (*Standard text messaging rates may apply.) We encourage all parents and students to subscribe to our messages. You will need to individually join each class that you or your student is in.


          Company members and parents should also join the “Company” class.

          Nutcracker participants and parents should also join the “Nutcracker” class.


How to Subscribe:

Download the Remind app and follow the prompts. It will ask for a class code. In the table below, find the class code that corresponds with the class that you or your student is in. Using the app you can opt-in to text messages, push notifications, and/or emails. You can also join at the link listed by your class below, With this method, you can opt-in to emails and/or text messages, but you have to sign up for each method separately.

Class                     Class Code                       Link

                                                     Company                      d41138                  http://remind.com/join/d41138

                                                     Monday Ballet V           39f01                     http://remind.com/join/39f01

                                                     Monday Ballet III           47121                    http://remind.com/join/47121

                                                     Monday Pre-Pointe      a7583f                   http://remind.com/join/a7583f

                                                     Monday Ballet VI           31bac2                  http://remind.com/join/31bac2

                                                     Monday Ballet II            cf935c                    http://remind.com/join/cf935c

                                                     Monday Ballet IV           3798b                    http://remind.com/join/3798b

                                                     Monday Beg Jazz         mondaybe             http://remind.com/join/mondaybe

                                                     Monday Adv Modern    mondayad             http://remind.com/join/mondayad

                                                     Monday Tap II               mondaytap            http://remind.com/join/mondaytap

                                                    Tuesday Adv Jazz          tuesdayad             http://remind.com/join/tuesdayad

                                  Tuesday MS Ballet I 4:10-5:10         msballet1             http://remind.com/join/msballet1

                                  Tuesday BH Ballet I 5:30-6:30         bhballet1              http://remind.com/join/bhballet1

                                                    Tuesday Tap I                 tuestap1              http://remind.com/join/tuestap1

                                                    Wednesday Ballet III     wedballet3             http://remind.com/join/wedballet3

                                                    Wednesday Int Jazz       wedsjazz               http://remind.com/join/wedsjazz

                                                    Wednesday Ballet V      wballet5                http://remind.com/join/wballet5

                                  Wednesday Creative Movement     wedcm                   http://remind.com/join/wedcm

                                                    Wednesday Ballet IV     wedballet4            http://remind.com/join/wedballet4

                                                    Wednesday Ballet VI      b20d2                   http://remind.com/join/b20d2


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