WAB's New Website

We have had our current website design for five years now, and while it has served us well over those years, the time has come for an update. The Board of Directors is actively looking for the best way to update the look of the website and how it functions. A new, updated website will help create a positive impression of our organization and help WAB function more efficiently.

For this project to move forward, we need your help, so "WAB's New Website" campaign is about to begin. Our fundraising goal is $8.000. That may seem like a large number, but if everyone contributes we know we can reach our goal. The image above will be put up in the lobby of the studio, ans when people donate, their name will go on the image to represent and acknowledge their contribution.

Please help us to transform the look of WAB's website. If you would like to help, you can mail your donation to Western Arkansas Ballet, P.O. Box 10071, Fort Smith, AR 72917 or donate online here. Please include that the donation is for the website.










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